School Outdoor Classroom

School Outdoor Classroom

We can provide a range of designs for you to choose from to match your desired specification. To find out more, complete the contact form provided.

External Classroom Facilities

External Classroom Facilities

Teaching outside can offer great benefits to the school due to the fresh air that both the teachers and the pupils will receive.

External Teaching Area

External Teaching Area

Teachers may find it easier to teach outside as the pupil's attention span will have likely widened, meaning that they can learn to a much higher degree.

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School Outdoor Classroom

If you need a school outdoor classroom we offer a range of different designs for this. These structures are great for external activities and games which are fun and educational for the children.

Our team specialise in providing high-quality canopies, covered awnings, and external covered roofs in order to let you make use of your outdoor areas more frequently. These are perfect for keeping you safe from the rain or sun along with incorporating a decorative outdoor feature. Our team has installed thousands of canopies and sunshades for schools, day care centres, and local parks within the United Kingdom, as well as the sports recreational, hospitality and care industries. With our considerable expertise, you can be sure we can deliver a service and product of a high standard, customised to your individual needs. We provide plenty of designs which may be customised to fit your needs for glass, polycarbonate and wood canopies.

Educational External Classroom Shelters

Primary schools could build outside play spaces using the shelters since they create protection from bright sun or wet weather. The canopies are fantastic for exterior classes and teaching facilities where the kids can have fun with countless games. We could give you a bespoke plan to suit your facility properly since we know how to complete a school project. This is particularly with regards to funding concerns, the need to have minor interruption in the pupils' learning, and also the importance of using registered staff at every project. The products we offer can create perfect seating areas in an educational environment where both the children and the teacher can enjoy the perks of the fresh air offered to them.

What is an Outdoor Classroom Shelter?

A school outdoor classroom is a facility that allows teaching to be completed outdoors and under cover from the rain and sun. This means that the only change to a standard classroom is the temperature. This is very beneficial as the fresh air will engage the pupils It is not just the hotel and restaurant business which could make use of these shelters. A lot of sports clubs and gyms have outdoor roofs created to use for storage facilities and for outside training sessions. Sports surfaces could even be enclosed in a shelter to make sure they could always be used in wet weather conditions. Many recreational spaces also have our decorative canopies put in so that they can be enjoyed even during wet weather. External shelters may be added onto retail facilities with lots of different outlets in a single place. This can be by means of a covered path to join individual complexes or shops together. This makes it much easier and a lot more relaxing for individuals to visit all of the shops, which means you can actually bring in extra profits. You might also encourage visitors to go back to your outlet again as they know they will be under cover even when it’s wet weather outdoors.

How to Install an Outdoor Classroom Shelter

Public car parks can have covered walkways to allow customers easy accessibility to retailers and organisations. Nevertheless, it is not just motorists who are able to benefit from outdoor shelters. Bicycling is becoming increasing common within the UK, because of its health benefits and low environmental impact. We can offer lots of bike shelters that are ideal for keeping bikes safe and sound. Whatever the facility and whatever the budget, we have loads of designs and products to accommodate your needs. We’ll only use the very best quality materials to make sure the end result is perfect for what you need. At community areas which have designated smokers' areas, these types of protected shelters are great for supplying defense against wet weather. The items we create may be installed for numerous different reasons so that you can completely customise the specifications you want to have. Installing an outdoor classroom is a relatively straightforward process, however, the design must be tested thoroughly to ensure it is safe and secure. The shelter has likely been designed to your exact specifications to ensure it fits in your area and looks amazing due to the correct dimensions being fitted.

School Shelter Exterior

The many benefits that a school outdoor classroom offers can be extremely positive as they can be beneficial to both the school and the pupils. Pupils will be given fresh air which will widen their attention span. Whilst learning, this means that they will be able to learn much more than they would be able to inside the school and therefore will entitle the teachers to complete their job of educating their pupils to a much higher degree. This consequently benefits the school in general as pupils will be learning more and therefore will be able to achieve a much better set of grades. which will make the school look much nicer. Ofsted also recognise the schools intentions when they install an outdoor school classroom and can sometimes even award additional points.

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We are able to supply you with all the details you require regarding our collection of flexible and attractive designs for a school outdoor classroom in that all have different benefits when installed upon a facility. You can pick from loads of designs to get the perfect solutions for your business, school or sports facility. Why not fill in the contact form to talk to our experts and obtain a quote with regards to the products you require.


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