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We've got a range of canopy items such as outdoor playground shelters in Derbyshire S32 1 that are good for covered walkways, shopping facilities, wooden playground shelters, outdoor learning centres/ outdoor classrooms, and businesses. This makes an attractive external area while offering cost-effective weather protection.

The canopies we install have already been applied for a lot of customers in various market sectors such as educational facilities, councils, retail shops and sports centres.


Our company has a great variety of experience with dealing with numerous clients after we installed thousands of the highest quality external shelter facilities and by offering a range of different materials for your new building, including solid wood, glass, polycarbonate and tough metal, we are able to ensure that the client is happy with the product they acquire.

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What are Outdoor Playground Shelters?

Primary schools, secondary schools, and a nursery school will sometimes need a sheltered area to create external games areas using a playground canopy as they create shelter from bright sun in the summer months or wet weather. These can even include a different playground canopy with an outdoor learning space, such as outdoor classrooms or shade sails to sit under where the children can learn and play various games at the same time on the school grounds in a social space.

We're able to supply you with a tailored plan for your outdoor area to suit your organisation perfectly because we know how to carry out a school project which could be concerning several factors like playground disruption, site management, or acquiring financial help to get the canopies. Along with school clients, we can work with professional corporations in Derbyshire to manufacture covered areas for open-air amenities.

They have lots of uses such as protecting furniture, creating interesting dining areas, as well as storage for different equipment. We’ll work to find the best specifications to suit your spending budget precisely what you want. That's why we have produced a broad range of stylish and cost-effective covered roof products, such as modular shelters, a shade sail, and other versatile structures with UV protection.


How to Repair an Outdoor Playground

Outdoor shelters should be proactively maintained for the client's own sake. We recommend this due to the many benefits that they will receive from keeping the social space clean.

Firstly, the area will obviously look much cleaner and will receive a much better reputation because of the consistent vibrancy it will have. We usually install the school canopy/ shade structures in a vibrant colour to ensure that young children are engaged and enjoy the area to allow it to reach its full potential so keeping it clean should also maintain the children's engagement.

Also, by following a proactive maintenance strategy, you will find any damages to the shelter as soon as possible. This is very important as it means that the repairs can be undertaken very quickly to save you money and time due to many damages expanding into much larger problems.

Outdoor Playground Shelter in

External Playground Facility in Derbyshire

In many of our facilities, the school decides to use them as a multi-purpose, fun, and protected area that is a social space for young children. This is usually due to the many choices we have available to decide from. A playground shelter can be used for a range of school activities in an outdoor classroom/school canopies during every season due to the great durability and sturdiness it has.

For example, a sports day taking part in the summer would mean that the children are able to gain the shade they require during a break. In other seasons, we understand the fluctuating weather in Derbyshire and for this reason, the rain is completely harmless to the shelter and therefore to the children.

The play areas can be used with playground equipment for educational games of the owner's choice including both modern games such as imaginative number games and traditional games such as hopscotch. If necessary, seating can be installed in the outdoor shelters to allow the school to use it as an outdoor classroom during summer to hold lessons outdoors. This is excellent for both the children and the teacher due to the many benefits that the fresh air will provide.

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Our company have worked on many previous outdoor playground shelters so we would be pleased to talk about your enquiry and give you additional info on our exterior shelters. Make sure to let us know what exactly you would like and we will look for the very best specifications for your beautiful addition along with your spending budget.

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