MUGA Roof Cover

MUGA Roof Cover

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MUGA Pitch Canopy

MUGA Pitch Canopy

Our canopies are great for ensuring that the pitch will be playable regardless of the weather conditions.

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MUGA Pitch Canopy

Our company has a variety of external products including a MUGA pitch canopy that are great for walkways, shopping facilities, nursery play areas and office buildings. The MUGA pitch shelters are made to provide protection for outside spaces to keep away rain or bright sunshine, in addition to incorporating a decorative appearance. We have fitted numerous canopies and sunshades for primary schools, playgroups, and local authorities around the United Kingdom, together with the sports recreational, hospitality and care industries. By carrying out an array of installations, our team has loads of practical experience to ensure you get the right products and services to fit your budget. Materials like timber, hard metal and polycarbonate are all offered to you when considering the specifications of your court to ensure that you have a wide variety of choice available to you. By offering many choices, we aim to ensure that your final product is made specifically to your demands regarding size, shape, colour and purpose.

If you would like any more information, please feel free to get in touch with our specialist team who will be able to respond as soon as possible with all of the necessary answers you require.

Multi Use Games Area Shelter

Clients that will have these products fitted include facilities like kids' play areas and nursery gardens. The canopies are great for outside classes and teaching areas where the children can enjoy many activities. We are able to give you a personalised plan to fit your school perfectly because we understand how to run a school project. This may be concerning many aspects such as play area interference, project management or obtaining funding for the canopies. We have helped companies through the leisure and restaurant industries remodel their unused outdoor facilities to eye-catching and functional spaces which may be for a lot of features like outside dining, peaceful sitting areas or smokers' shelters. To achieve our aim of offering the best MUGA pitch canopy solutions to suit the requirements of your business, we have created a broad variety of highly attractive and inexpensive MUGA pitch canopy products. If your bar has an appealing outdoor area which is comfortable then people will enjoy it and are wanting to use it again.

What is a MUGA Pitch Canopy?

A MUGA pitch canopy is an excellent facility that allows for a number of different sports to be played on one surface. The canopies we offer are therefore excellent for providing cover for many different sports participants as they offer protection for harsh sun and rain during their breaks from the sport. There are numerous establishments and public venues who could use these cool outside roof covers but they are excellent for MUGAs as they can benefit everyone and anyone playing sports. We've helped sports facilities and gyms to generate outdoor facilities with storage, along with golf clubs and visitor attractions to create functional attractive social areas to sit down and chill out. Huge stores and retail parks may also get open air coverings built to help keep shoppers out of the bad weather whilst going to different shops. This could be made as a sheltered walkway to connect individual complexes or retail outlets together which could also bring about extra product sales for the shopping centre as it makes it much simpler for individuals to move around and visit every shop.

How to Maintain a Pitch Canopy

The maintenance of your MUGA pitch canopy is key to ensuring that it lasts for as long as possible whilst looking as clean and vibrant for the longest time possible. This is very beneficial as it ensures many different advantages to both the owner of the facility and the players using the facility. For example, the owner is able get the most value for their money by maintaining the canopy because they will be ensuring that any build up of dirt on the surface will be cleaned as soon as possible and preventing any damages. We always advise a proactive maintenance strategy as it will allow any minor damages to be observed as soon as possible. This means that the canopy can be repaired as soon as possible before it expands into a larger problem which will cost much more than a smaller repair. However, if you require a repair it is crucial to contact us as we can provide excellent repairs to the highest quality regarding time and efficiency. We understand the frequent demand for a MUGA and therefore always offer excellent services to ensure that the surface is not disrupted for too long.

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