Bicycle Storage Facility

Bicycle Storage Facility

Our shelters are excellent for storing bicycles and can store as many as you would like to ensure that they are not damaged or stolen.

Cycle Shelter Storage

Cycle Shelter Storage

The cycle shelters we offer can come in a range of different sizes, shapes and colours. This enables us to meet your exact requirements.

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Cycle Shelters

Our company has a number of different materials and designs suitable for bike and cycle shelters and therefore our designs should meet your demands. The range of s available means that your facility can be unique and stand out from the rest or even match your facility. We also ensure that we offer different materials including specifications available include different variables such as colour, shape and size. Another factor that many installers do not emphasize is the material. We can offer hard wood, solid metal and plastic facilities to match the different purposes of your shelter.

If you would like to hear more about cycle shelters, please contact us via the enquiry box provided below as soon as possible as this will allow our team to respond quickly and effectively to ensure you are filled in with any information.

What is a Cycle Shelter?

A cycle shelter is a facility that will ensure a bike is completely safe, clean and doesn't get damaged. The harsh weather conditions will be prevented from reaching the cycles due to our durable and efficient shelter materials. Heavy rain will be blocked by the roof of the facility to ensure that it cannot reach the inside of the shelter and can be designed to allow space for surveillance cameras if the facility owner feels like this is necessary. This will ensure that the stored cycles are completely safe and cannot be stolen.

How to Install a Shelter

Installing cycle shelters can be relatively simple however we always recommend that research is done beforehand to make sure that professionals are chosen and that the shelter is completed to the highest quality in the correct amount of time. If you would like to discuss this with us or have any questions, please feel free to contact our specialist team who will respond with all of the necessary answers to make sure that your shelter will look as nice as possible. Also, this will make certain that if the area is not fitted to the correct requirements, repairs will be done as soon as possible to make the area right. Shelters that have not been installed correctly could cause a hazard for anyone using the facility and for that reason it is important to do your research.

Bike Shelter Space

External cycle shelters may also be added onto retail businesses with many different shops in one location. If you have a retail store with extra outdoor areas or different buildings, our awnings may be built to link together creating connected covered pathways. This provides a path through the complex, and it is possible to maximise profits by way of advertising and marketing. You might actually encourage visitors to return to the shopping centre another time simply because they know they’ll be protected regardless of whether it is wet weather outdoors. Public car parks can be linked to buildings including stores along with other amenities through a protective undercover walkway. But it’s not only drivers that can take advantage of these canopies. Throughout the United Kingdom, cycling is now very popular with people who are looking to spend less or be conscious about the environment. Our company offers an incredible choice of cycle shelters so workers and customers are able to park their bikes quickly and securely, guarding them from the rain.

Cycling Area Storage Facilities

As specialist providers of a variety of cycle facilities, it is our duty to ensure that you are completely filled in on our services. We can install, inform and educate you on all aspects of cycling shelters as our company has completed a variety of jobs for a number of businesses and so we can help produce a custom product for your business. Make sure to tell us what you want and our experts will be able to find the best specifications to suit you along with your budget. Please use the enquiry form for additional information on our roofs so that we can get back to you and provide a helpful response.

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For more information on cycle shelters please don't hesitate to contact our specialist team who will ensure you are provided with all of the necessary information you require or any answers to the questions you need.


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