Nursery Pram Shelters

Nursery Pram Shelters

We specialise in providing excellent quality sheltered pram shelters for schools and nurseries to ensure that prams are safe and secure.

Sheltered Storage Space

Sheltered Storage Space

The prams are kept out of the harsh weather conditions in a safe, dry area. This area will ensure that they are not damaged or stolen.

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Nursery Pram Shelters 

Nursery pram shelters are very important in some facilities to ensure that parents do not need to worry about the security and safety of their pram. Buggies can be very expensive and therefore a roof cover is essential. If a pram were to get wet, it could be completely ruined due to the materials it uses. Nursery cover facilities can be easily installed and only require a small area of space which is why a nursery should choose to have one installed. Nursery shelters can be designed accordingly to the purpose you require. Whether this includes security or storage, we can easily help you with this. For example, if the main purpose of your facility is to keep the buggies safe, we can design the facility with lockable doors to prevent anybody getting in.

For further information, please feel free to contact our specialist team via the provided enquiry box. By doing this, you can find the answers to any of your questions or the information you require.

What are Nursery Pram Shelters?

Nursery shelters are the facilities that prevent prams that are not in use from being damaged or stolen. The many advantages it offers makes it hard for nurseries to decide against having one installed due to parents needing somewhere to place their buggies. The facility should be covered from the outside weather as the buggy could be ruined if it gets wet. It should also be safe and secure to prevent any chance of it being stolen. Pram shelters that we offer can vary in size, shape and colour depending on the client's required specification. Before a purchase, we always strongly advise the client to research the purpose of their shelter to ensure that after installation the facility is installed correctly and that the client is happy.

School Shelters Canopies

A pram shelter is essential for any locations that parents and children frequently visit. This could include nurseries, hospitals, leisure centres and many other facilities. Pram shelters are very efficient and require little space to be installed which therefore reasons why they are becoming increasingly common. Parents could become angry if they are required to carry their pram around all day even when their child isn't in it. There are many benefits that a shelter offers to parents such as the decreased possibility of trip hazards because all of the buggies will be secured in one place rather than spread out across the floor. This could be dangerous for both children and adults and a shelter could easily prevent this. Therefore, this also stops the area from looking untidy and cluttered as all of the prams will be neatly stacked.

How to Repair Nursery Pram Shelters

When cleaning your shelter, it is vital that you check your facility for any minor damages. This is because any smaller damages can eventually expand into much larger problems. This can be very bad because larger repairs obviously come with a larger cost. Therefore, by contacting us immediately regarding a repair, we will be able to inform you on repairs and answer any questions you may have. A proactive maintenance strategy is always recommended for shelters to ensure that all of these minor damages are attended to quickly and efficiently.

Protective Buggy Storage

The storage facility should be able to fit multiple prams inside depending on the specified size requested by the client. The prams will be hidden from the rain and sun to prevent any damages to the prams. When not in use, parents should not need to carry the buggies with them all day. The weight of prams can be very tiring for the parents to drag around and because a simple shelter is all that is needed to prevent this, it could be argued that they are in the right to be annoyed.

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We've completed many different tasks for several customers, therefore we can help develop a tailor-made product for your company. You can select between lots of specifications for nursery pram shelters to ensure you get the right products for your company, primary school or other facilities. Simply use our contact form to find out more with regards to the canopies and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.


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