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Outdoor Meeting Canopy

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We specialise in supplying products for a high-quality outdoor meeting canopy in addition to covered walkways, and outdoor roofs which are designed to let you use your outdoor areas more frequently.

These are ideal for keeping you sheltered from the rain or sun and also incorporating an attractive open-air facility. The canopies we offer have been applied for many customers in a variety of markets like educational facilities, local authorities, stores and sports centres. With our extensive experience, you can rest assured we can deliver a product of a high standard, tailored towards your needs.


Different materials such as timber, hard metal and polycarbonate are often used to produce these items so you've got a variety to choose between. For a meeting canopy, we can completely match your specification to ensure that the canopy fits perfectly regarding shape, size and colour.

If you would like to find out more regarding outdoor meeting canopies, please feel free to contact our team via the provided enquiry box to have any of your questions answered.

What is an Outdoor Meeting Canopy?

A meeting canopy is a cover that prevents rain and sun from reaching the people stood underneath. These are commonly employed in both public and private meeting areas across the UK and can completely vary in size depending on the client's requirements.

The canopy will provide shade in the summer and cover during the rain. With the fluctuating weather conditions, it is crucial that the canopy is able to effectively complete both of these jobs.


Covered Outdoor Meeting Area

Lots of corporate organisations also employ our expertise to make shaded furniture areas as well as other external features. This could be to create an all-weather eating area or place to relax and enjoy the outdoors inside a more comfortable setting.

Our specialists consistently provide the perfect solutions in order to suit exactly what you need for your company. We now have an abundance of distinct designs to choose between meaning you can have complete control over the end features.

Outside facilities at pubs tend to be favoured by visitors, therefore you may possibly encourage people to return as they are given the cover they need to eat their meal in peace. However, it is not just pubs that choose to install canopies to benefit their business. A range of other facilities such as shops and leisure centres are no using canopies to give their customers a better experience when using their services.

How to Maintain an Outdoor Meeting Canopy

It is not just hotels and bars that can benefit from our versatile product selection. Quite a few sports clubs and fitness centres have shelters created to use for storage areas and for outdoor exercise sessions.

Sports pitches could also be enclosed in a shelter to make sure they can always be played on through wet weather conditions. Loads of public areas also have these kinds of functional roofs set up so they can be used even during bad weather. Huge stores and retail parks might also get open-air roofs set up to help keep customers away from the rain whilst walking to each shop.

This might be available as a protected pathway to link individual properties or outlets together. These provide a specific path through the area, where you could boost sales through advertising and marketing. The visitors are also safe knowing they are able to go to your centre in rainy weather without getting cold and wet.

Outdoor Meeting Canopy in

External Shade Facility

For nurseries, an outdoor meeting canopy is excellent in ensuring that the pupils can still obtain the fresh air that they require without getting soaked by the rain or sunburnt during the summer. We work with the highest quality materials to make sure our canopies are sturdy and dependable when they are installed.

In public venues with designated smoking zones, these kinds of covered roofs are great for giving defence against wet weather. Our products could also be used for equipment storage and sun protection; our specifications are completely your choice.

Other Outdoor Canopies We Offer

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We've carried out a variety of projects for a lot of clients so we will help come up with a custom specification for your facility. There are several designs and materials to choose from so don’t hesitate to tell us which sort of canopy you are interested in. Simply fill out the enquiry form to learn more about the outdoor meeting canopy and we’ll respond as soon as possible.


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