External Smoking Shelters

External Smoking Shelters

The smoking shelters that we provide are great for keeping smokers protected from the sun and rain whilst allowing them to socialise.

Ideal Smoking Areas

Ideal Smoking Areas

Our smoking shelters can be made in a variety of different designs including standard and bespoke designs.

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Smoking Shelter

Our business manufactures a selection of external products including a smoking shelter for use in several different areas. These are brilliant for keeping people safe from the rain and also supplying an attractive open-air facility. The canopies we provide are used for numerous customers in various industries like educational facilities, councils, shops and sports clubs. With our broad knowledge, there is no doubt we will offer a product of a high standard, customised specifically towards your needs as these shelters can be manufactured in a number of specs with materials such as solid wood, glass, polycarbonate and tough metal.

If you would like to find out more on a shelter near you, please feel free to contact us via the provided enquiry box. This will allow our team to respond to any of your questions as soon as possible with all the necessary answers and information you require.

Smoking Facility Cover

Smoking shelters are commonly favoured in public locations that are associated with smoking such as local pubs and bars. This is why it is becoming rare to see a pub without somewhere to smoke outside for customers. The shelter should be able to withstand the heaviest of rain as it is attached to an empty wall. This is another reason why pubs are able to install a shelter as they have many purposeless external walls. After smoking was banned inside buildings, many facilities with either smoking employees or customers decided to install external shelters to ensure that they still return to their business. Depending on the smoking shelter you decide to implement, they can be very small and take up very little space. The shelter acts as an umbrella to shield anyone under it from the harsh rainy weather conditions. With the fluctuating weather conditions in the UK, this is very important as it can often rain very frequently. If necessary, the shelters can also protect from the sun as well as the rain by providing shade however many pubs already have shade inside and through umbrellas based on table.

What is a Smoking Shelter?

It’s not only bars and pubs which may use our flexible range of products. Numerous sports clubs and gyms have canopies designed to use as equipment storage facilities or for outside training. Sports pitches can also be enclosed in a shelter to make sure they can be played on during any weather conditions. Plenty of community facilities also have our attractive covers set up to allow them to be used even with rainy weather.  Large shopping centres and retailers can also have open air covers fitted to keep shoppers out of the rain while moving to the different stores. This could be by means of a protected path to join different properties with each other. This may actually bring about additional revenue for a facility simply because it makes it much easier for visitors to walk around and visit each shop.You could motivate customers to make use of your facilities repeatedly as they know they will get a relaxed time shopping.

How to Maintain a Smoking Shelter

Open public spaces sometimes have smokers' zones and other external spaces and covered canopies help make these facilities a bit more comfortable when in use. The shelters may also be used for equipment storage and shade from the sun; the designs are totally your decision. Shelters can be easily maintained as long as the correct maintenance strategy is followed. A proactive maintenance strategy enables any damages to be seen as soon as possible which benefits you because it will save you time and money. This is because a minor damaged area usually grows into a larger damaged area and this will obviously cost much more money and take a much longer time.

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We've carried out a variety of tasks for a number of clients so we can help make a custom specification for your company. You can choose from loads of specifications and designs of the smoking shelter to get the right solutions for your business, primary school or public space. Just fill out our contact box to find out more about the products and one of our experts will respond as quickly as possible.


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