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If you are looking for smoking canopies to be installed in the UK, our experienced team can supply specialist smoking shelters to help you create an exterior space to smoke cigarettes, offering sun protection. Our team has installed many awnings and outdoor shelters for countless public areas, with smoking shelters being installed over a hundred times.

With our knowledge, our team will certainly offer high-quality service and products, customised for your requirements. There's a choice of materials for your smoking shelter- timber, hard metal, and plastic.

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External Smoking Shelter

Smoking shelters are installed in many spaces across the UK regularly. After completing shelters in various premises, our experience installing them is of excellent quality and we always promise a high-quality shelter made from strong materials.

When considering a shelter on your premises and the installation procedure behind it, we strongly advise researching contractors to ensure that you choose professionals; if the shelter is installed incorrectly, they might not help you to fix this.

How Many Sides Should a Smoking Shelter Have?

For the designated smoking area, a freestanding smoking shelter should have at least one opening that ensures the shelters can't be enclosed more than 50%. 

If you would like to find out more information on our services contact us via the inquiry box found on this page to ask any questions and our team will respond quickly and effectively.


What is a Smoking Shelter?

A smoking shelter protects smokers from harsh weather conditions. Smoking shelters can be attached to an empty wall, providing durable cover. Freestanding smoking shelters are available too.

canopies are shaped as curves to act as an umbrella, there is a pointed apex roof or curved roof to pick. We offer small shelters for fewer smokers as well as sturdier, larger shelters that can fit more people in; however, it costs more.

Some Smoking shelters have wifi, needing an internet address- this way you can have an in-person or online chat on your telephone!

Maintaining a Smoking Shelter

Public facilities, such as pubs, have protected awnings making these designated smoking areas more pleasant to use. The products we produce allow you to personalise your designs, whether it's for canopies or other purposeful shelters and buildings.

Canopies are commonly found outside pubs and offices where friends/colleagues can rest, talk and smoke simultaneously, during office hours or after work on their premises, without getting wet from the crazy elements in England.

Smoking shelters are growing increasingly popular. Whether it's a smoking shelter for cigarettes smoke, or the perfect freestanding vaping area, installing a smoking shelter is the best idea. Stylish dual-purpose smoking is supplied by designated smoking areas!

Smoking Canopy in

Smoking Shelter Spacing?

In the UK, it's advised that smoking shelters are at least 2m away from other structures.

If a smoking shelter is in a space too close to another structure, ventilation issues could occur as well as the risk of damaging buildings or gaining complaints.

Outdoor Shelters For Sale

Our experienced specialists are familiar with high demands and issues regarding sales of shelters. We always attempt to provide the best shelters geared for your business.

Facilities may create outdoor areas using covered roofs because they provide a shield from the different weather conditions. The shelters are perfect for smoking and talking together.

Businesses also use our services to create shaded seating areas with benches and other outdoor features. These products are great for keeping furniture covered, developing eye-catching areas, or storing equipment. 

How Much Does a Smoking Shelter Cost?

On average, a smoking shelter will cost around £900, however, the price will vary depending on the size, length, style, and space of the product. Message our experienced team on our website to receive a quote for your ideal product.

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We'll give you the information you will need regarding our collection of adaptable shelter products. There are many design options and components for a smoking shelter to pick from, so feel free to tell us about which kind of system you are searching for. Please complete the inquiry box on this page to talk with one of our professionals from the company and receive a quote for the smoking shelter you want.


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