Smoking Canopy

Smoking Canopy

We can supply high quality smoking canopies for many outdoor areas in public spaces to shield smokers from the rain and wind.

Smokers' Shelter Installation

Smokers' Shelter Installation

These products come in many different designs which we can install to suit your requirements in a variety of sizes and specifications.

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Smoking Canopy

We can supply a specialist smoking canopy in in order to help you use your outdoor areas more frequently. This creates a decorative exterior space while offering affordable sun protection. Our team has installed a great deal of awnings and outdoor shelters for many public areas, as well as the sporting recreational, hospitality and care industries so with our in depth knowledge, you can be sure our team will offer a service and product of the highest quality, customised for your requirements. A choice of materials such as timber, hard metal and plastic can be used to create the products so you will have an assortment to choose from.

You can find out more on a smoking canopy near you by contacting us via the provided contact form. This will ensure that you are filled in on any of the information you require and that any of your questions are answered as soon as possible.

External Smoking Shelter

Smoking shelters are a common type of shelter that we install across the UK regularly. After completing many shelters in the past, our experience installing them is of an excellent quality and we can therefore promise a high quality shelter made from high quality materials. When considering a shelter and the installation procedure behind it, we always strongly advise that you research all of the contractors to ensure that professionals are chosen. This is because if the shelter is installed incorrectly or unsuccessfully, they might not help you to fix this. If you would like to find out more information on our services contact us via the enquiry box found on this page to ask any questions and our team will respond quickly and effectively.

What is a Smoking Canopy?

A smoking canopy is a form of shelter provided for smokers to protect the from harsh weather conditions such as the rain and sun by acting like an umbrella. Smoking canopies can be used in a range of different facilities due to the very small space they require. If there is an empty wall with no windows or anything blocking the space, a smoking canopy can be easily attached to provide a durable, efficient cover that protects smokers from the harsh weather conditions. The canopy is shaped as a curve to allow rain to fall and acts as an umbrella regarding the cover it offers. However, we offer much more sturdy, larger shelters that are shaped like a bus shelter and can usually fit many more people in. This is obviously a much better shelter to have as it looks much nicer and sturdier than a standard canopy, however it consequently costs more.

How to Maintain a Smoking Canopy

Open public facilities sometimes have smokers' zones or other outdoor zones and protected awnings make these facilities a lot more pleasant to use. The products we produce can be used for a range of distinct functions allowing you to fully personalise the designs you need to choose whether this is for canopies or other purposeful shelters. Canopies are commonly found outside pubs where the smokers can talk to friends at the same time as smoking without getting wet. However after smoking inside was banned, canopies and shelters are becoming increasingly common in many different public areas outside.

Outdoor Shelters For Sale

Facilities such as pubs might create outdoor areas using these covered roofs because they provide a shield from the sun or rainy conditions. The shelters are perfect for smoking and talking where anyone can talk and smoke together. Our specialists have built lots of canopies across the UK, so we are familiar with the demands and issues faced by public facilities. This can be concerning a lot of aspects including disruption, supervision and financing. A number of businesses also use our services to create shaded seating areas as well as other outdoor features. These products have numerous functions such as keeping furniture covered, developing eye-catching restaurant areas, or for storing of different equipment. We will try to provide the best shelters geared to what you require for your business and we now have loads of distinct designs to choose between so you can have control over each of the products.

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We'll give you the information you will need with regards to our collection of adaptable and attractive shelter products. There are many design options and components for a smoking canopy to pick from so feel free to tell us about which kind of system you are searching for. Please complete the enquiry box on this page to talk with one of our professionals and receive a quote for the smoking canopy you want.


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