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At Canopies Shelters, we have a wide range of bike storage products for you, that is perfect for being installed in various public hotspots. Our team has the expertise for trading in the industry, meaning we can provide you with the highest quality bike storage and supply you with important information.

We offer safe and secure cycle sheds to prevent the possibility of your bikes being stolen by thieves or damaged. Your bicycle shelter can be installed with surveillance as well, making you feel ultimately protected.

Cycle shelters have many benefits as they prevent your bicycle from being stolen and can shelter your bike from harsh weather conditions- the perfect cover storage solution for all across the UK!

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If you would like to find out more about our services, please don't hesitate to contact our specialist team today.


What is a Bicycle Shelter?

A bicycle shelter is a lockable facility for bikes when they're not in use. Bicycle shelters are great ways to prevent damage, stealing, and also stopping weathering on bikes from severe forecasts.

Frequently, cycle shelters built in England, Wales, and around Europe are installed near public transport, clubs, and educational facilities.

Having dealt with many facilities, our expert teams are aware of what is needed and how to offer the best help.

Whether you're worried about funding, what the interference will be, and what are the best performing items- our teams are to be trusted as we know best.

How to Maintain a Bike Shelter

Maintaining your bike's storage will be something you need to check after installing one. Ensuring your cycle shelter lasts as long as possible, you must clean your shelter, neglecting the cleanliness affects how secure your shelter is. Rust can appear, making it weak and easily damageable. If you don't fill the requirements of the maintenance- there will be a price to pay.

You should keep a lookout for any loose/broken parts regularly, these could need repairing or replacing- our team can help with this.

If you need any more information about the shelters we provide and the maintenance required- get in touch with our business today.


Designs of Bike Storage

Our skilled specialist team manufactures an extensive range of exterior canopies and a bicycle roof design, such as Asgard sheds, so the public can park their cycle safely, protecting them from bad weather and theft.

All designs include Sheffield bike stands with sturdy panels and stands to lock your bike up to and also access. Not only this, our covers are designed to be bespoke to you, meaning as a new customer creating the style and colour, as well as the size of the space so that it can fit all of your criteria including price- meaning customer satisfaction is our main priority.

How Many Bikes Will it Store?

Depending on the size of your bicycle shelters, the number of bikes it will store can vary. If you are wanting a larger scale installation, you will fit more bicycles in.

However, a large space will require a bigger budget as the price will increase. If you only need a small space to keep your bicycles, the price is lower.

What Is The Price of a Bike Shelter?

The average price of a bicycle shelter is £1,200, however, depending on the size you want and how many cycles you are wanting to protect, the price will either increase or decrease. Getting in touch with our team can give you the information/ details and price you want to know. We will always give you an affordable price.

Other Cycle Shelters We Offer

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We have installed numerous jobs, therefore we're very happy to talk about needs, supplies, and more details on exterior canopies. You can select plenty of designs and features to make sure you get the perfect solutions for your business. Please use the enquiry form for information about the open-air canopies and bike storage so we can reply to you with a helpful response to inform you of the price and much more.

Our business is always willing to answer any questions regarding the cycle sheds in Whitehead BT38 which we can install.


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