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If you’re looking for a place to store your motorbikes to prevent them from being stolen or lost after a ride, whether it’s at home or in the workplace- Canopies Shelters is the place for you! 

Our incredibly experienced team can provide you with the safest, most secure, high-quality motorcycle shelter that acts as a public garage.

Contact our team today if you are looking for a company to trust, our specialists can ensure that you are provided with all the information needed. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable team will certainly be able to answer.


What is a Motorbike Shelter?

A motorbike shed acts as a shield from harsh weather conditions and acts as a shade from strong ultraviolet light rays, making it UV resistant. A motorcycle shelter can be designed in different shapes and sizes to allow it to be bespoke to you.

A motorcycle shelter can help to keep your motorbike, bicycle, or mobility scooter clean.

A growing issue of motorbikes being stolen has been occurring, so keeping your bike in a cover attaches a form of protection- preventing this from happening.

The shelter's frame can be changed to ensure it will fit your bike in, it will also always be the highest quality as our team supply the highest standards.

How to Maintain a Motorcycle Shelter

Maintaining your motorbike shelter is crucial to the lifespan as you want to keep your shelter super strong and super durable. 

Cleansing your shelter prevents paint on the shelter from wearing away and the driveway ground might come apart- making the motorcycle tyres lose grip, the ride will be faulty with a bad tyre grip.

Ensuring your bike shelter is maintained properly, it will stay secure and safe as the locking system on the steel frame will not be eroded.

You will want to ensure your motorcycle frame is constantly protected- so, make sure your shelter is maintained.

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Motorbike Facility Areas

Motorcycle parking facilities can be joined onto buildings as a covered public garage to protect the bike from getting any rust on the frame. The shelter can withstand winds and prevent the bike from getting any bird droppings on it.

Many places across the UK have motorcycle shelters installed now to make it fairly easy for bike users to park and keep them protected from world elements such as direct sunlight, rain, snow, and winds. 

Parking facilities can be supplied with surveillance cameras to give extra security.

Motorbike Shelter in

As another form of protection for the vehicle, there is a locking mechanism that will remain attached to the steel frame. If you do not look after your shelter, there will be a price to pay.

What Size Shelter Do I Need to Store My Bikes?

To store your vehicle, the size of the shed thoroughly depends on how many bikes you're wanting to store. If you have many bikes to store, you should choose a larger shelter type with a big surface area so the bikes aren't cramped together- this can make the sheltering quality worse as they won't be as safely protected.

How Much Does a Motorcycle Shelter Cost?

The price of a motorcycle shelter depends on the length, height, and space needed to store your vehicle. The average price of a motorcycle shelter is £1,500, however, it can vary if you would like a small shelter or a large shelter. Contacting our team for a free no-obligation quote can inform you of the price to pay.

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We'll provide all the information you need on our variety of functional and decorative shelter products. There are plenty of design options and materials to select from so make sure to tell us which sort of solution you would like. Simply use the enquiry form on this page for additional information about a motorbike shelter in Down BT30 9 so that we can come back to you and offer a useful response.


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