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Canopies Shelters are a specialist team that offers secure cycle storage and a wide range of external canopies all across the UK. These sheds give a great secure bike storage shed solution that allows multiple bikes to be protected from theft and bad weather such as rain, wind, snow, and even harmful ultraviolet rays.

Secure bike sheds are one of Canopies Shelters great instalments- our team is very knowledgeable and can give you lots of advice and information about the canopy.

Get in touch with us for information regarding a secure bike shed as we can provide you with any knowledge you require and answer any questions you have.


What is Secure Bike Storage?

Secure bike depot sheds are a facility that can store any bicycles and usually motorbikes, keeping them safe from weather and potential theft or damage.

Cycle storage can be constructed as metal bike sheds or wooden bike sheds, commonly seen in popular locations such as educational facilities, councils, retail, and sports amenities.

Our team has worked on numerous different sites installing sheds for indoor storage and outdoor space so we know what is needed and how to offer the most effective services for our customers.

To ensure the way you are storing bicycles is effective, our team can install a form shed security with strong locks and surveillance cameras- this will give the most effective outcome.

How To Store Bikes.

For the storage of your bike, we recommend that each vehicle is kept separately to prevent breaking or scratching.

To store your vehicle, the ideal solution is to have your front wheel or rear wheel of one frame connected to the metal bars provided that you can hook your lock around.

Whether you have one bike or more, storing your bike is super easy.

You can also hang your vehicle to the wall in the room provided so that it is above the ground.

Some more ways to support your cycle could be to install a rack, where you would tie and position the tyres in it.

Secure Bike Storage in

Safe Bike Storage sheds in Janke's Green

To make certain that your secure cycle storage solution is officially secure and safe, it is worth noting that our team will accommodate your needs with the best standards as we only offer top-quality equipment. Whether you are after, metal, wood, or even plastic- we are your team!

For more security measures when storing bikes, we also offer Asgard sheds which can definitely store more than two bikes inside.

If you would like more details on any of the different types of depot facilities, contact us today.


What Is The Price For a Secure Bike Shed Facility?

The average price for bike storage solutions is around £1,200, however, it completely depends on how many vehicles you are wanting to protect and the sizing. If you want a smaller shelter, the price will be cheaper, consequently, if you want a larger floor space, you will be looking at a bigger price. 

How Do I Know My Bikes Will be Safe?

Instead of out in the open, in your garden, or outside space, your bikes can now be in a shed-like store with a lock and security to prevent thieves or damage. Asgard sheds are very similar to garages as people have no way of looking in and there is wall space and floor space to look after other items.

You might believe having a wooden shed isn't safe, you would be wrong! We can assemble a cheap yet secure place for you to store your vehicle and other items. Not only is it attractive, but it also protects you from earth elements without the risk of the ceiling coming in!

Maintainance of my Cycle Depot?

The instalment of your cycle depot should be maintained properly as there is a risk of the building going rusty or damaged. When the building isn't looked after well, it could cause you to purchase new doors, or walls, etc. Breaking the space could cost you a lot of money.

For maintenance, you should clean your cycle storing space a fair amount to prevent any damage to the door hinges or bolts or weakening the building as it can make durability worse and make it more accessible for thieves.

The bicycle storage is very low maintenance, in fact, it is more or less maintenance-free- showing it has many benefits!

The only way to ensure that your bicycle storage is kept in perfect condition is by cleaning to prevent rust that can lead to weak locking, consequently not secure anymore.

If our team installs your wooden bike shed or metal bike storage, be ensured that the facility will be constructed properly and very secure as our team is specialist professional contractors and they ensure every different shelter is completed and correctly.

Is It Okay to Store Bikes Completely Outside?

Although it is official okay to store your vehicle outside, it may not be the best choice.

Would you feel safe leaving your new bike outside of your front door? Probably not! That is exactly why our company at Canopies Shelters thinks it's a great idea to install a bike storage solution.

Whether you leave your bike in the house, outside, in the shed, or garage- our team can install a brilliant, sturdy construction that is affordable, safe, and aesthetic!

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Our team has worked with an assortment of projects to install secure cycle storage in Janke's Green CO6 2 and therefore we will be happy to look at what you need and give you additional details on our outdoor roofs.

Don't hesitate to tell us what exactly you want by completing the provided contact form and we’ll look for the best specs for you as well as your budget. Why not use the contact box to speak with our specialists and get and price with regards to the products you need.


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