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If you are looking to install year-round weather protection at your facility, Canopies Shelters can bring you the best walkways, covered by free standing or wall mounted shelter!

Our company installers are experts in manufacturing quality canopies and installing bespoke covered walkways in Carrickfergus BT38 7 in order to let you use outdoor space more frequently. These products are brilliant for keeping you sheltered from the cold weather with weather protection preventing wet clothes and also incorporating a nice open-air facility. We have been installing wall-mounted and free-standing defined passageway canopies for many years!

Loads of industries install these kinds of products for a sheltered space to get away from inclement weather outside including garden centres, care homes, school buildings (mobile classrooms), stores, professional organisations, sports clubs and educational facilities.

By carrying out a number of projects, our team has loads of practical knowledge to make sure you get the best canopies to fit your budget, being cost-effective.


A choice of materials including timber, hard metal, and plastic may be used to produce the products so you have a variety to pick from and complete design flexibility.

If you would like to find out more information on covered walkway canopy installers, please feel free to contact our specialist team who will respond as quickly as possible with all of the necessary information you require and all of the answers to your questions.

What are Covered Walkway System Installers?

Covered walkway canopy installers are the ones responsible for providing excellent quality walkways in Carrickfergus after being required by a client. These walkways have quality assurance which is why we always recommend that you thoroughly research the installers before actually contacting them.

By doing this, you will be able to ensure that your tailor made walkway systems will be very durable and long-lasting when it does eventually get installed. If you would like any help doing this, please contact our team via the provided contact form below as our staff members are very experienced and can use this experience to assist you.

Covered Walkway Canopy Design in Carrickfergus

Covered walkway canopy designs can be used by a number of different facilities across the UK due to the essential requirement of a clear pathway. For example, as installers, these could include the businesses we have supported throughout the sports and restaurant industries to change their exposed outdoor facilities into stylish and functional spaces.

The walkways installers offer are of the highest quality materials and ensure safety for the ones walking on the pathway. Our specialists consistently try to provide the most appropriate products to match what you want for your bar or restaurant and we've got loads of distinct specifications to choose from which means you can have control of the final features.


How to Maintain Covered Walkway Canopies

There are numerous establishments and attractions that can use these modern outside walkways. Surrounding buildings, such as gyms and sports halls with sports teams may have shelters installed in their outdoor space to be used during outdoor sessions and storing equipment near their car park.

Sports courts could even be covered with a canopy so that they could always be played on during significant periods of wet weather conditions. Lots of recreational facilities also have these kinds of functional roofs set up so that they can be enjoyed even during wet weather so people can have the best experience. Outdoor roofing could also be installed at retail facilities with several different outlets in one location.

If you've got a retail store with extra outside facilities or separate buildings, these shelters might be built to join with each other creating interconnected shaded pathways. This makes it much easier and more comfortable for consumers to go to the different shops, so you could possibly produce additional sales.

By using covered walkways canopies, you will be ensuring a much safer pathway in Carrickfergus as the surface will be left unchanged as it will no longer get wet. One thing that is bad about not having covered walkways is that someone could trip on the surface due to the water creating a slip hazard which the facility would be responsible for this is why is essential to have your walkways covered.

Covered Walkway Installers in

Pathway Flooring Services

Open space car parks are sometimes joined onto existing buildings like retailers along with other services through protective covered areas. But it is not only car drivers that can make use of open-air roofs. Riding a bike is becoming widespread in the United Kingdom, because of its natural health benefits and low environmental impact.

As installers, we provide a terrific range of bicycle roofs in Carrickfergus so employees and clients are able to park their bicycles quickly and safely, shielding them from the bad weather. We're able to supply a large number of products to fit your spending budget or any specific requirements you might have in your mind.

Our team will only use high-quality materials to create our products so you can be certain you’ll get the best quality. Many public areas now have smokers shelters in Carrickfergus along with other protected areas so people can go outside with protection from the weather. The items we manufacture are applied for a lot of distinct reasons so you can fully customise the designs and specifications you want to choose, such as the variety of RAL colours to make the overall appearance amazing for you.

How Much Do Covered Walkways Cost?

The average price of a walkway canopy is £1,500, however, this price can differ. Whether you are wanting a free-standing canopy or a wall-mounted shelter can change the cost, as well as the sizing and materials.

For example, if you want a small, plastic, wall-mounted walkway canopy, this would be cheaper than a large, steel-framed, free-standing shelter.

Other Canopy Designs We Offer

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As industry leading covered walkways canopy installers, we'll offer you the information you may need on our range of versatile and good-looking shelter solution that gives protection from the weather.

Our walkways offer protection when moving between buildings in schools, business parks etc creating a comfortable transition between buildings. 

There are lots of specifications and components to choose from so feel free to tell us which kind of item you would like.

Just use our enquiry form to find out more with regards to the stylish covered walkway systems in Carrickfergus BT38 7 and one of our experts will respond as soon as possible.


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