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If you are interested in having bespoke entrance canopies installed at your facility, Canopies Shelters are the company that you should trust for the job! 

Our experienced team have been installing canopies for many years- we know what we're doing!

We are entrance canopy manufacturers and specialise in offering high-quality wall-mounted welcoming entrance door canopies that give year round weather protection in Llantarnam NP44 3 to let you use an outdoor space on a regular basis. Entrance canopies are excellent for keeping people sheltered from the rain as well as adding a decorative out door canopy feature for the perfect entrance.

The entrance canopies that manufacturers offer have already been used for lots of customers in a variety of industries with an existing building, such as care homes, educational facilities, councils, stores and sports centres. Through carrying out a number of entrance canopies, our company has lots of practical experience to provide you with eye-catching, quality shelters at an affordable price to ensure the right first impression.


These entrance canopies can be manufactured in a wide range of specs by using different materials including timber, glass, polycarbonate and tough metal. We normally have wall-mounted entrance canopies.

If you would like to discuss any information on entrance canopy manufacturers, please feel free to contact our specialist team who will respond as soon as possible to all of your questions with the required answers and any more information.

Entrance Canopy in Llantarnam

An entrance canopy may seem simple, however, it is very beneficial to people visiting a facility they haven't been to before for a great first impression. This is because it promotes the facility with a defined entrance in Llantarnam in a positive light and shows that they are friendly and care about their customers and visitors.

Entrance canopies are also really important as they inform pedestrians on the side of the building that there is a place that they can visit there. If there wasn't a door canopy, the only people who would see the area would be the people who looked at the building straight on. The main purpose of entrance canopies is to provide temporary shelter to give weather protection to those entering or exiting a facility.

What is an Entrance Canopy?

An entrance canopy is a great of serving comfort to people in a queue as the last thing they want is to get wet. A range of facilities across the UK install entrance canopies to cater for this and the most common facilities usually include the ones used by the public very often.

For example, hospitals and hotels install entrance canopies to ensure that customers aren't affected by harsh weather conditions. There are several companies and attractions that can make use of these modern entrance canopies. Lots of sports facilities and gyms have shelters created to use for equipment storage facilities and for outdoor training sessions.

These entrance canopies are also a great addition for protecting sports surfacing to ensure they are dry and can be used all year round. Loads of community areas also have our functional roofs installed so they can be used even during bad weather and UV protection.


How to Design an Entrance Canopy

You can have a simple design or a more difficult one- it is all your design flexibility so you can give your clients the right first impression. Knowing exactly what you want could help the installation process to be simple.

Huge shopping outlets and retail parks in Llantarnam can also get entrance canopies as bespoke solutions to help keep visitors away from the poor weather whilst walking between the stores. This might be in the form of a sheltered walkway to join different buildings or retail outlets together.

These provide a designated route through the centre, depending on the building styles, where you'll be able to improve product sales via product placement and merchandising. You might even encourage visitors to use your shopping centre repeatedly as they know they will be sheltered even when it is wet weather outdoors. Other surrounding buildings may not have this, therefore, people will have a great first impression of your building- and impressions count!

The design of an entrance canopy is completely up to you as there is currently no standard design but our design team is here to help and work with you. Whether you want to have a wall-mounted, curved entrance canopy with polycarbonate roof panels- Its all up to you, we will always try to install your exact design aspirations.

The many canopies we install usually tend to be eye-catching, being open on all sides, and are held up by a number of pillars depending on how big the roof is. There tends to be a set of designs that can be purchased which are usually cheaper than a more bespoke design, however, depending on the size and specification of your facility, you should contact us beforehand just to make sure that the canopy is suitable.

Entrance Canopy Manufacturers in

Building Entrance Door Canopies

Public parking areas in Llantarnam are sometimes linked to buildings such as retail stores along with other facilities with protective undercover walking paths. However, it is not only drivers who can benefit from these shelters.

Throughout the UK, bicycling is becoming extremely popular with people who are looking to save money and be conscious of environmental impacts. Bike racks are installed in a lot of public facilities permitting cyclists to properly keep their bikes. Whatever the facility and whatever the budget, manufacturers should offer you a lot of specifications and options to accommodate you.

As manufacturers, we’ll always employ the very best standard equipment to guarantee the final product is perfect for what you need. For community areas with smokers' facilities, these types of covered entrance door canopies are good for supplying defence against wet weather. Our canopies could also be used for storing equipment and shade from the sun; the designs are really up to you.

How Much Does an Entrance Canopy Cost?

The average price of a covered entrance is £800, however, this can differ depending on the sizing, whether u have a straight or curved roof, and the materials used. We will always aim to make your canopies entrance cost-effective for you so your building exterior gives the best first impressions.

Other Canopy Designs We Offer

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Manufacturers like ourselves have carried out many different types of entrance canopy for a number of clients so we can develop a custom product for your business. You can pick from numerous specifications as we have an extensive range in Llantarnam NP44 3 to get the right solutions for your company, school or other facilities.

Remember to complete the enquiry box to talk with one of our experts and get a free quote with a free site survey and a price regarding the entrance canopy manufacturers you are looking for.


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