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Our company has a number of external items that are excellent for pram storage shelters in North Lanarkshire G67 3 and these are made to offer security for external facilities to block out rain or strong sun, in addition to adding a stylish look.

By completing a wide range of installations, we have lots of practical knowledge to make sure you get the best products and services at an affordable price. Different materials like wood, metal and plastic may be used to manufacture the products so you will have a wide range to pick from for your pram storage shelter. 


If you would like to find out more information regarding pram storage shelters in please feel free to get in touch with our specialist team who are always more than happy to help you and respond to any of your questions as soon as possible.

Storage Facilities for Buggies

Facilities in North Lanarkshire that often have these products fitted include things like children’s playgrounds as well as nursery gardens. Buggy shelters are perfect for areas that are commonly visited by parents and their children due to them not being forced to carry the buggy around with them. 

For example, children usually walk or are carried by their parents in nurseries and hospitals so a shelter is almost essential to avoid collisions down busy corridors and consequently cause injuries to anyone in the corridors. Buggy shelters only require a small amount of space and the benefits that a facility gains out of it gives them excellent value for money.

How to Repair a Buggy Facility

It is not only nurseries and hospitals in North Lanarkshire that we can offer shelters for. Our company has helped sports centres and gyms to build outdoor facilities with equipment storage, together with golf clubs and customer attractions to offer practical and luxurious social areas to sit and unwind.

Many of our shelters are commonly used in the sport and recreation industry to increase the use of outdoor areas and amenities, such as exterior exercise equipment and multi-use games areas. This shows the durability of our products because similar materials are used for the buggy shelters in nurseries.


Many of these areas have decorative roofs installed which are also completely durable in the rain. This is very beneficial as it allows for an extremely durable, attractive facility that completes its purpose to a very high degree of quality

What is a Pram Storage Shelter?

A pram storage shelter is an excellent facility that prevents any prams and buggies from being stolen and becoming damaged by the harsh weather conditions. The many different purposes it is delivered with are very beneficial to both the owner of a facility and the parents or owners of a pram.

This is because the parents won't be required to carry the prams around and will therefore be much happier during the day. This consequently benefits the owner as parents will not leave negative reviews of their business for not having any form of shelter.

Buggy Storage Shelters in

Pram Storage Unit in North Lanarkshire

Whether your pram can fold or not, it can be stored in the storage units in North Lanarkshire that we offer. We always aim to please both the owner and the parents by offering shelters of extremely high quality that last for as long as possible.

However, without the correct maintenance strategy, you are only shortening the shelter's life span which is therefore costing you more money for repairs and other services. Our team always recommend a proactive maintenance strategy to ensure that your shelter's life span is maximised.

This will also enable you to identify any damages to the facility as quickly as possible to save you time and money as these can expand and grow into much larger damages that require much larger expensive repairs.

Other Nursery Shelters We Offer

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We have carried out a variety of projects and so we will be prepared to look at what you need and supply more info on our outdoor canopies. You can choose from numerous specifications and designs to make sure you get the right items for your company, primary school or sports facility.

Simply complete our enquiry box to get more information about the pram storage shelters in North Lanarkshire G67 3 and one of our experts will respond as quickly as possible.


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